Our biggest problem and also a major hurdle to overcome has been perception.  Perception is important in any situation as people judge you first before having the opportunity and time to engage with you.

High unemployment rate. College graduates do not have employment and hence the desperate need for survival leads to corruption: brides, 419 etc… Morality is good but you have to eat first… One of the things the government and private sector can do is create vast employment opportunities; Nigerians mostly have nothing positive to say about the country but rather verbalize their frustration.

Nollywood as the 3rd largest movie industry has created a lot of employment.

In spite of this dire situation, a lot of Nigerians still do great things…


Super Eagle Football Teams has been a source of national pride.


Nollywood has create a lot of jobs.

United States Census

Nigerian families are doing well with a median income of $62,086 as of 2015.

Academic Excellence

Nigerians excel in Academics. Most Nigerians in the United States are college graduates. Recently, this young Nigerian New York Teen Harold Ekeh Gets Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Schools